Become a master in digital transformation.

Launch your digital career.

Young Professionals, the next step for digital brains and young guts.

Are you excited about the future? So are we! Digital transformation is here to stay and reshape companies on every level.

The aim of Young Professionals is not facing change, it is giving change a face. After the digital Bootcamp, you’ll start to work on concrete projects at Belgium’s best employers with global footprint to explore a galaxy of innovation. Whenever the road gets bumpy, a ‘co-driver’ will be there to guide you the way.

Are you the digital talent we are looking for?

We are looking for the scarce profiles who have the brains and the guts to guide companies in digital space.

This is what it takes:

  • Can't wait for tomorrow to start
  • Master's or bachelor's degree
  • Recently graduated talent or a first experience
  • Eager to learn what school didn't teach
  • Live and breathe digitalization and innovation
  • Result-driven team player
  • Autonomous and creative

Checked all the boxes? Let's meet and we'll prepare you for an out-of-space experience.


An offer you can't refuse.



In 2 years, you’ll become an expert in digital transformation.



Show your talent in Belgium’s best companies and build a universe full of interesting contacts.



A 3-week intensive course, learning everything school skipped.



Monthly training and events that keep you growing.

A co-driver

A co-driver

Your professional HazelHeartwood coach is there to show you the way when needed.

Digital transformers Bootcamp

Digital Transformers Launch

Giving you the handles to get grip on digital transformation projects.



A salary that exceeds the market average.

They'll see you rollin'

They'll see you rollin

A car that gets you wherever you want (and need) to be. Feeling fly!



Phone, laptop and group insurance.

Whatever you want

Whatever you want

Well, not whatever, but an access to a wide range of university seminars, e-learning, training... to keep you growing.

Join us in the Big Apple!

The best way to kick-off an amazing year? What about an inspirational trip to ... New York, baby!

Apart from exploring the city that never sleeps, we will visit some of the world's biggest companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, IBM,... Fasten your seatbelts, y'all!

Buckle up for the journey of a lifetime

1. Apply

by sending us your CV and motivation letter.

2. Show yourself and prove your skills:

6 questions to demonstrate your motivation followed by an online test.

3. Get to know us

in a face-to-face interview.

4. Hooray!

25 young potentials are selected to start their career with Young Professionals.

5. Kickstart

with a 3-week Digital transformers Launch where you'll improve your digital skills.

6. The real deal!

You'll start working for different companies in periods of 6 to 12 months.

7. Keep on going

Monthly training and feedback moments to help you shape your future.

Become digi-ready with our Digital Transformers Launch

Before you'll handle your first project at one of our partner companies, our Digital Transformers Launch prepares you for this first work experience. In this 3-week in-depth training you'll be able to boost your skills and extend your knowledge. Blast off your career!

And of course, there's also plenty of room for fun and team building!
Ready to grab a beer with us?

What you will learn:

Digital acceleration (2 days)
What is the digitally networked society and what does it mean for businesses? After this course you’ll know all about tool and tactics to drive change!
Digital marketing (2 days)
Activation, acquisition, conversion, retention and optimisation will have no more secrets for you after this deep dive in the marketing funnel.
Agile ways of working (2 days)
Start thinking like a start-up: build user stories, learn about lean methodologies and scrum practices. Get familiar with Business Model Canvas and develop user stories.
Explore human-centered design (3 days)
After 3 days, you’ll know how to put customers first in how things are designed, prototyped, wireframed, … You’ll learn how to create true experiences and measure their efficiency.
Data-driven decision making (1,5 days)
Data analytics drive business decisions: you’ll be introduced to (big) data and how to use it in daily business through analysis.
Process design and facilitation (1,5 days)
Start taking the lead! You’ll be trained to design meetings and workshops, but also to facilitate groups in the long run.
Digital strategy (2 days)
Sharpen your strategic mind and accelerate in digital strategy. Get the tools and skills to be a master in change management, digital strategies and teamwork!
Creating innovation (1 day)
The most complex problems, need the brightest minds ánd the best methods. You’ll learn how to think about innovation and how to transform ideas into tests.

Your digital transformation
powered by HazelHeartwood

Your guarantee for personal growth? Your co-driver guides the way!

To make sure you'll reach your goals, Young Professionals co-operates with the digital experts of HazelHeartwood. They serve as your guide in an unknow galaxy. They’ll indicate what lies ahead, how to turn and which obstacles you will be facing. Co-drivers stimulate both innovation as structure in the world of digital transformation. They are your soundboard for whenever you feel insecure or need a second opinion. In this way, we guarantee your personal growth and make you ready for any challenge that passes your road.

The co-drivers you can count on:

Robert Thatcher

Senior Consultant

Ramona Mandu

Senior Consultant

Thibaut van Breugel

Senior Consultant

David Fonteyn


A career as digital young professional written in the stars?
3...2...1... Start ahead!



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